The Moto Attic


KDPL was commissioned by the partners of The Moto Attic to develop a one of a kind PHP framework for a new concept in how motorcyclists can buy and sell their bikes and parts.

What we built was the first motorcycle-related user-generated eCommerce shop with the following functionality:

  • Unique user id URL generation
  • Internal messaging system similar to google with history storage included
  • Paypal integration
  • Instagram account linking through custom API, allowing users to post their items on Instagram and auto generating a styled classified within The Moto Attic using our own hash-tag and format layout system. ¬†(The first retail site to ever do this)
  • Feedback system
  • Multiple address functionality so users can pre-load different addresses that are shown depending on user level. ¬†This is an added security feature for users that do not wish to share their payment addresses.
  • System feedback option for dedicated users that want to let us know if problems arise.
  • Customized Mandrill email delivery system and newsletter